The spark for me to buy my first DSLR and the resulting love affair with creating images happened at 18 years old. I was about to set off on a grand adventure, a marine conservation project on a remote island in Fiji, when I decided to buy a camera. I bought a point and shoot from Olympus and set off on my journey, as fate would have it I didn't even make it to the island before my new camera decided to no longer work. Six months without being able to document my trip with photos was a difficult but very important lesson to learn. 

So before my next adventure to New Zealand I bought my first DSLR, a Canon 1000D, I made sure it had no problems this time. Surrounded by such beautiful landscapes it was hard not to fall in love with this country, or resist the desire to capture it in photos. Being new to photography I photographed everything on my travels; I learned to use my camera, see colour, light and composition in a new way and become aware of my more creative side.

Back home and with a drive to always keep learning and pushing myself I began working with teams of people including models, makeup artists, hair stylists and designers. The idea was to combine all these elements with my love of landscapes in order to create images that had a narrative and allowed me to express my creative side. During this time I also taught myself how to use Photoshop and began exploring the idea of image retouching and how I can apply it to what I was doing to push my creativity further.

Now I consider myself to have a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills both in an outdoor environment as well as in the studio that all go into creating beautiful images whether it's for a personal project or a commercial job.